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ivannagoose's Journal

18 September 1989
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My names sparkle. I live in the most amazing and magical city in the world. San Francisco :)I moved there on my own not to long ago, I love meeting people and making new friends, Sometimes I'm very social, but out of the blue sometimes I get super shy. I love shinny sparkly glittery things, pretty painted art on buildings sparkly side walks, the ocean, my true love, I gave my whole heart to her. To be completely honest just because I feel it's necissary to just be up from and get it out of the way, so that people can put there judgement upon now instead of later. I have a problem with drugs that I'm trying to work threw, but its really hard. I'd hate to make my self out to be something I'm not. I'm not proud but if you met me you'd no..
Anyway I guess mainly my journal is going to be based around that alot, and about me trying to climb out of this huge whole I've thrown myself in, my accomplishments and my struggles to be a better me.



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The rockys

Minneapolis(my hometown)
(my hidden talent), 60, and 70s dresses, anything zombie related, bathrooms, boots, changing my hair, cooking, dali, dancing, day dreaming:)coffee, dinosaurs, drawing, dresses from the 50s, electro, fishnets, gay bars, getting dumb, glitter, going to the park, high bubble baths, independent researching, kap bambino, listening to music, long finger nails, magick, make up, making clothes(or atleast trying), making new friends, making up songs, music videos, my ipod., night time, painting, polaroid cameras., sf, speed, starving myself, staying up for eternity, swings, the 90s!!!, the fucking universe, the real night life, video games, vodka, writing, yo gabba gabba, yoga